Important Dates

Scholarships Open: September 1

Completion of Profile & Submission of Scholarships: October 15 by 6 pm.         

 There will be NO EXCEPTIONS

Scholarships Awarded: December 1

Acceptance Due: December 15


NOTE: Do not start your application until September 1

Archiving will occur in August and all entries will be lost!





We have added questions in lieu of updating the work, activities, unusual circumstances and need sections.


These are required questions.


You will find them by going to My Scholarships - It will show Chapter Name as Monomoy Dollars for Scholars - click on the Questions tab and they will come up.  Be sure to reverify for scholarships every time you go in because we are trying to make things accessible.


We are also adding questions to some scholarships requiring a Chatham residence or Harwich residence requirement or graduation from Monomoy Regional High School that say:


                     Do you reside in Chatham?

                     Do you reside in Harwich?

                     Did you graduate from Monomoy Regional High School?


Answering these questions will ensure you match to as many scholarships as possible.  Please read all the directions and recheck your scholarships.


If you have any questions regarding the components (instructions, links, etc.) of the website please click on the "SUPPORT" button on any page of your profile.  If you have questions about the way the scholarship process works, please contact monomoydfs@gmail.com.


Thank you,

Monomoy Dollars for Scholars