2022 Senior Scholarship Awards

Monomoy Dollars for Scholars was proud to provide $155,900 in scholarships to 2022 graduates from Chatham and Harwich - including students at Monomoy Regional High School and other local high schools as well as School Choice students at MRHS.

Our heartfelt congratulations and good wishes go out to all the students as they start off on their life adventures.  

Monomoy Dollars for Scholars Senior Awards 2022



2020 Continuing Education Awards!

Monomoy Dollars for Scholars is proud to announce that 36 students have won 2019/2020 Continuing Education Scholarships.  Students must be in their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year in college or an accredited trade school. 

Monomoy Dollars for Scholars Continuing Education Awards 2019/2020