Back in 1964, a group of Chatham residents got together to address the problem of too many kids not being able to go to college because of financial need.  In 1966, the Chatham Dollars for Scholars group discovered that there was a national organization named "Dollars for Scholars" that could provide assistance.  Chatham came under the umbrella of Citizen's Scholarship Foundation of America, Inc., taking the name of Citizen's Scholarship Foundation of Chatham.  In that first year, $2600 was awarded to 19 students at Chatham High School.

Our Chapter has continued to raise money through donations and the student-lead, door-to-door canvasing by the Dollars for Scholars fund drive held each fall, and has awarded scholarships every year to graduating seniors and continuing education students based primarily on financial need.   Between 1966 and 2012, the Chapter awarded almost $1.5 million to over 2000 students! 

In 2013-2014, our Chapter reaffirmed its affiliation to the Citizen's Scholarship Foundation of America - now called Scholarship America Dollars for Scholars® -- going back to its roots and officially renaming itself Chatham Dollars for Scholars.



We are now a combined school system with Harwich and Chatham.  The students have pointed the way by actively trying to blend and become one school.   Our "Sharks" found that combining was easy and within months there was little noticeable difference and a lot of enthusiasm, joy and spirit, that was felt when you entered the building, at sporting and cultural events, and, at graduation.  Taking a cue from the kids, Chatham Dollars for Scholars reached out to Harwich to find like-minded individuals who believed in higher education for kids.  Interested individuals were not hard to find for this important work and those interested quickly came on the board.  

The board of Chatham Dollars for Scholars voted to change its name to Monomoy Dollars for Scholars on June 17, 2015, thereby fully embracing the concept of a combined and unified approach to scholarships for all graduates of Monomoy Regional High School and residents of Harwich and Chatham.  On July 20, 2015, the Harwich and Chatham representatives met for the first time as full-fledged members of our new organization.  We have high hopes for the future.  



The board has forged a new path with our new Chatham and Harwich members and is looking forward to an active and productive future.  Our hope is that as a combined and dedicated group, we can begin to construct a pathway to reach out to the residents of Harwich and Chatham, educating the public as to what we do and the importance of supporting our efforts to provide higher education to all of our students - those graduating from high school as well as those now in college.  



We are a tightly knit group who are always looking for a few special people with skills or enthusiasm to participate in this organization.  If you believe in education, believe in kids, in your community and your community's willingness to support higher education for all, we'd like to talk to you.  You don't have to be a board member to be needed!


Dee Tripp -- 508-945-2227 and monomoydfs@gmail.com