The mission of Monomoy Dollars for Scholars is to provide financial assistance to all students resident in Barnstable County, Cape Cod, who live in Harwich or Chatham and/or have graduated from Chatham High School or Monomoy Regional High School, in their pursuit of higher education.  Additional restrictions will apply and most scholarships go to local students.  Home-schooled students are also considered. 


We give over $135,000 annually to graduating Seniors and Continuing Education students.  We try very hard to reach every applicant.  We need to do more.  The cost of college is rising and statistically, most students now graduate from college with approximately $35,000 in student loans. This burden will follow them throughout their lives, making the American dream much more difficult to reach.     


Earnings from the Endowment Fund

The amount of interest generated from our endowment fund is used each year to fund scholarships.  This way, if we do better in a particular year, we can give away more in scholarships.  Conversely, a bad year means less to give.  

Donor Funds

We have very generous donors in Chatham and Harwich who support the students to the best of their ability. Many scholarships are created because the scholarship will have a personal, long-term meaning to the creators. For example, as a way of honoring a family member who has overcome an obstacle or who has passed away. Other donors are part of our great, caring Business Community, such as the Eldredge & Lumpkin Insurance, the Harwich Little League, and the Oppenheim Foundation, who every year support us with their donations for individual scholarships in the name of their business, association or foundation.  We can never thank them enough for their help.


It is our profound hope that members of both the Harwich and Chatham business community as well as individuals wishing to honor someone, will begin to offer more scholarships through us for the students of Monomoy Regional High School.  We work carefully to make sure that each scholarships fits well with the wishes of the donor.